The finest examples of some of the most sought after marques

The world of supercars is not for everyone, but with shattering acceleration, stunning looks, unbelievable handling and hefty price tag, it is all part of the attraction. It’s not unusual for a supercar to top 200mph these days, with a 0-60 time of under three seconds becoming commonplace.

From a LaFerrari to a McLaren 650S, or a Koenigsegg CCXR through to a Bugatti Veyron, we work closely with specialists both in Europe and here in the UK to source these superb machines. Many of these adrenaline flowing supercars are ‘off market’, but we do have access continually to many of these exceptional examples and will find you what you are looking for. There is not much that stirs the soul of a petrolhead more than seeing and hearing a Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren supercar rocketing past.

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